Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Savage (undead) Love

Had to pick a Savage Love letter and do a spot piece for it. I chose one about this cat who's allegedly got a thing for girls pretending to be dead, but is super grossed out by the thought of a REAL dead lady. He ends up paying some chick in a dungeon to realize his fantasy, but surprisingly he's unaroused by the situation. Maybe some fantasies are better off kept in the imagination? Dunno.

Anyway, ink on crappy paper. I planned to use at least two colors but I fell in love with just the orange. Yay Halloween.

5x4 in.

Friday, September 18, 2009

werewolves are my life.

Doc on the beach...

The colors are a HELLUVA lot brighter, neon-ish pink and bright greens and yellows. It's uploading like shit.

Anyway, illustration for a review of Thomas Pynchon's new crime-nior novel Inherent Vice. It's set in 1970, CA, and revolves around Doc, this stoner P.I. cat. Kind of like Fear and Loathing but less interesting. I haven't read it, but this is what I'm assuming. The 70s are the epitome of gross and suck.

I need to stop ripping off Derek Yaniger. I love his style so much. I'm sorry, Derek!

Cat lady for Eros. Our first assignment was a pinup... kittens, pink, boobies, not much to say about this one. It'd look nice with a vignette bg.

artwork © Cailin N. 2010